Property of Boniolo Design.Unauthorized reproduction of pictures and drawings is prohibed DAL 1975 BONIOLO DESIGN is an talian design firm founded in 1975 by Francesco Boniolo, after an important experience in fields such as automotive, sea-air and rail vehicles industry. Today we successfully collaborate with Italian and foreign companies on the development of many product types: transport means, households, industrial machines. Since 2005 we provide also architectural and interior design services. Our project philosophy is to design a product achieving the best synthesis between shape, functionality and ergonomics. Technique and style come from a long experience and aim to give shape to the customer ’s need. DESIGN - ENGINEERING - MODEL - ARCHITECTURE INNOVATION - EXPERIENCE - EFFICIENCY - SPEED TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF ANY KIND OF PRODUCT Italiano The development of a new product starts from innovative ideas and goes on taking into account other fundamental concepts: aesthetics, functionality, technology, costs, marketing, laws. This creative process allows to make original, innovative and feasible products. The design procedure includes concepts, renderings, 3d models, surface mathematical definitions, prototypes. Boniolo design professionally cooperates with its customers in order to get the best results and go to the market before the competitors.